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Sex Therapy

Happy Couple

Sex Therapy may be for you if...


Experiencing difficulty or inability reaching orgasm


Have questions about premature ejaculation (PE)


Concerned or confused with feelings of guilt or shame in relation to sex


Struggling with low or mismatched libido


Experincing pain during sex


Wanting to explore, learn more, or have a safe place to talk about alternative lifestyles


Have questions about erectile dysfunction (ED)


Have questions around healthy sex and sexuality

Navigating healthy sex for some can be complicated and confusing. Influences from society, religion, culture and/or family values can leave us questioning what is "normal.” While we vary in our likes and dislikes, healthy sex should never include shame but be filled with joy and connection.


​Sex therapy can help you gain understanding of your sexual wants, needs, and desires. It also promotes exploration of your past sexual experiences, their impact and effect on current and future sexual expression. 

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