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Pornography Addiction Treatment


Pornography addiction treatment may be for you if ...


Escalating amounts of time spent watching pornogrpahy


Continued use of pornography despite attempts to stop or resulting in negative consequences


Experiencing loss of time while viewing pornography, including hours and even days while binging


Attempts to hide or lie about pornography viewing


Increased interest in more unusual or extreme forms of pornography


Experience of shame, anger, irritability when confronted about pornography use

Pornography addiction is not unlike sex addiction, but also distinct in a few ways. Both can have severe negative consequences, leaving the addict feeling out of control and full of shame. 

Pornography addiction therapy utilizes the 30-task model by Dr. Patrick Carnes to confront destructive behaviors. Therapy works to provide containment and accountability, a safe place to identify and address core beliefs leading to acting out.

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